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Raise the next Salahuddeen.

Raise the next Zubaidah.

DeenPlusDunya Parenting is peak Muslim parenting. An online class for practical Tarbeyah steps, with tailored action taken. Raise the bar for your parenting goals. Act now to raise the next generation of Muslim leaders.


Your children are made for an era different than the one you were brought up in.

Are you raising them for today's world, with its new challenges?

Social media and its pull. Rising teen depression and anxieties. The rise of this era's new misguiding ideologies. Sizable numbers of Western Muslim youth losing faith.

Sad man

Many Muslim youth simply aren't ready for the world.

  • Not equipped to work in the business world professionally
  • Lacking what it takes to be a responsible Muslim spouse
  • Besides work and marriage crises, a deeper identity crisis plagues the young Muslim

What is it with how we are raising our youth today?

Some things clearly need to change

Prayer Mat

We are emphasizing outward rituals over a deep-seated relationship with Allah and Islam.

Muslim Parents Handshaking with Their Children

We are not parenting as a community enough. We're parenting in silos.

Muslim girls in school

We've outsourced education (ta'leem), and holistic nurturing (tarbeyah) remains an unplanned side show.

Relying on the traditional schooling system has failed us. It is too lacking. It does not produce Muslim luminaries.

It's time to turn around these trajectories, to raise confident Muslim leaders instead.

Learn. Act. Achieve, In Sha Allah.

DeenPlusDunya Parenting

A parenting accelerator to supercharge your parenting

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Course Notes

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How do the Quran and Sunnah address the parenting challenges of today, and provide actionable parental guidance?

Walk through navigating the various internal and external factors that impact the moulding of your child.

Learn how to balance control and responsibility, and how to make your relationship with your child functional and smoother.

Introspect and work on yourself for the betterment of your child.

Study a Quranic Tarbeyah framework in an actionable and holistic way.

Own and craft the education of your child as they develop over the years.

Take action tailored to your situation, at every step as you progress.

Prepare leaders for this Ummah.


DeenPlusDunya Parenting Accelerator

is for you if:

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Islam truly encompasses your whole life, and you want to do your best to raise high-performers who live their lives devoted to Allah.

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You are willing to get uncomfortable and take action now, working on improving yourself and your relationship with your child.


You are a younger parent aiming to start right, an older parent wanting to make corrections, or a non-parent wanting to prepare in advance.

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You are willing to take more ownership for the real education of your child, and not delegate it to an outdated education system.

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You want to try to equip your child to be a work-ready and marriage-ready young adult, sooner than most youth today.

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You care deeply about the situation of the Ummah, and want to contribute to the community around you.


Outcomes you can expect:

A holistic understanding of how your child's identity is built, with actionable ways to nurture it for leadership


A Quranic framework of parenting to raise resilient individuals, ready to thrive in the face of real-world challenges


Identify your own parenting mistakes and biases, and improve your relationship with your child


Implement as you learn - use group accountability to act on your self-set manageable targets to improve your situation


Explore how to navigate the influence of various external forces on your child -- their peers, social media, dominant culture, and the wider community


Supplement your child's education with the DeenPlusDunya Curriculum -- a novel curriculum guideline for real-life, practical knowledge to teach your child in each age bracket, in order to prepare them for both Deen + Dunya

In Ramadan 2023, we had our first beta class (without the goal-setting workshops):

Here's What Past Participants Thought

Unique learning material for Muslim parents with the vision of raising future leaders. A nice blend of contemporary research (secular and faith-based) with the Quranic and sunnah approaches in raising our children. Highly recommend to all parents striving to leave their children being strong Muslims/Ummah. 💪

— Baky, parent of children aged 11, 8 & 5

Coming from a parent that was learning on the job and making mistakes all along, this course will help you avoid many mistakes and give you the tools to raise kids you will InshaAllah be proud of one day.

Razan gets into the details, the nitty-gritty of the matter and that is the best part of this program. This is not a fluff job and it shows.

I have learnt much from Razan's DeenPlusDunya program and would 100% recommend you sign up.

— Ekram, parent of children aged 19, 13 & 11

Amazing content!

Very comprehensive and beautifully presented. It covers all the necessary parties and processes involved in raising not just God conscious children but resilient Muslim leaders.

The highlight of the course for me was the [DeenPlusDunya] curriculum. It's an excellent resource that gives you sort of a streamlined guide on what knowledge is relevant for our kids.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the content and how it was presented. It is evident that a lot of work and research has gone into this. Jazakallah khair Razan, May Allah bless your effort.

— Anisa, parent of child aged 3

It is a comprehensive proactive approach to raising high-consciousness self responsible principled Muslims, who will inshaAllah be productive worthy citizens.

Parents who are willing to play an active role and take on the responsibility of trustee / "sculptor" or of "mentor" to their own children and are looking for a roadmap / community will find it valuable inshaAllah

— Zainab, parent of children aged 20 & 13

It's time to raise the bar for your parenting goals

No-nonsense, practical knowledge, coupled with action, can go a long way in changing the trajectory of your child.

Whether you’re ...

  • A younger parent aiming to start off right, or
  • An older parent looking to make adjustments, not losing hope in Allah’s Mercy, or
  • Not a parent yet, but aiming to get ahead

... you are not alone.


Currently the Winter Program is taking place (October - December 2023, In Sha Allah).

This is what your journey looks like:


Comprehend your child's developmental needs. Internalize how you impact their image of Allah. Help them love Allah. Impart substance over rituals. Address religious doubts.


Evolve as your child weans off your validation. Become a fertile, purpose-driven family unit. Stop parenting dysfunctions; catch biases. Really connect. Build long-lasting trust.


Help your child have a healthy relationship with themselves. Equip them to confidently deal with the world, near and far: relatives, friends, media, community and dominant culture.


Build distress tolerance in your child. A framework built on Luqman's advice to his son, as quoted in the Quran. Use timeless techniques to raise Muslim leaders with a rock-solid foundation.


A home teaching guide. What should your child learn at each stage of their upbringing - from toddler to teen? Experience a unique syllabus. Real-life, relevant, no-nonsense learning. Raise a well-rounded leader.

A Parenting Accelerator

Here's what we’ve got currently

in the Winter 2023 Program:

  • 13 weeks of learning and taking action: from 29 Sept to 29 Dec
  • Each week: pre-recorded content + a live weekend workshop
  • Self-defined, manageable goal setting during the workshops, with community support for actually taking action and getting things done
  • Access to the private Telegram community for students, for networking and discussions on various parenting issues
  • Parenting resources, articles and videos shared for deeper diving
  • Downloadable and printable lecture slides for quick review
  • Direct one-to-one access with the course instructor via his personal number

Recalibrate and rediscover your parenting


Assalamu 'Alaykum!

I'm Razan Khan. Nice to meet you.

I'm a Muslim, a writer, and an agile coach. I've been working as an agile coach for the last couple of years, helping various teams to work in better harmony, improve their processes, and produce better results. And I especially love writing. Alhamdulillah, I've won an international award for my writing.

My mission is to help the Ummah grow. I see improving parenting as a key solution to the heart-breaking problems that the Ummah is currently facing.

I currently live in Saudi Arabia.

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